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Re: Seachem Iron Test Kit

Thanks to all who responded to my question regarding my bad Seachem Iron
Test Kit.  After a call to Seachem, I got my replacement reagent and
reference solution.  The new formulation is a little different.  It now uses
twice the amount of aquarium water as before, giving it a little more
optical path length to work with.  And the reference solution checked out
okay (i.e., 0.5 mg/L, as it should be).  But the reference solution does not
come ready to use anymore.  You have to mix it with water to the correct
ratio first.

However, I still find it frustrating that although they stated that iron
concentrations of over 0.5 mg/L is bad, the color chart still goes up to 2
mg/L, and trying to distinguish levels around 0.1 mg/L, where we want, is
almost impossible.  I found that I have to do a comparison test.  Every time
I perform a test, I test my aquarium water against the reference solution
and plain tap water.  My tap water result was clear, and my aquarium water
result had a slight blue tint to it.  So I know I have some iron in the
water, although I don't know how much.  But some people on the list have
pointed out that as long as you register some iron in the water, it should
be good enough, so I'm happy for now.  When the reagent runs out, I'll get
another kit with more sensitivity.

Thanks again,