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kH, gH, and Discus

Hey, everyone.

I have been lurking around here for quite a while, and now I have a
question only y'all can answer.

I am experienced in keeping tropical fish and have recently changed from a
planted community tank to a Discus tank. Briefly, my tank looks like this:
30gal long with 30 pounds of inert sand; 2  Heckle Discus at 5 inches each,
5 Cardinal Tetras, and 3 Panda Coreys; pH 7.0 (right now, will be bringing
it down slowly), kH 4, gH <1, Ammonia Nil, NO2 Nil, NO3 <20ppm; 4 Radican
Swords, 2 Broadleaf Swords, 6 Amazon Swords, 7 mics grasses, and a little
Java Moss; filtration is done with a pre-filtered Aquamaster 250 containing
Carbon-Phos Guard mixture, CleanWater, and BioChem Beads; lighting is done
with a 36" Coralife 50/50 and a 24" Triton.

I do my water changes with RO water I buy at a local health food store
treated with pH down and kH plus for the plants and to stabilize the pH.

My question is this, does raising the kH also raise the gH, and what is an
acceptible gH for Discus. Also, I'm using Sera kH-plus which causes the pH
to go out the roof. Is that a common reaction when the kH is bumped up in
really soft water.

Thanks y'all,

I have learned more from this list than any other source. My fish and my
plants thank you.

Scott Ryan Voldbaek
voldbaek at circle_net