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Re: Water, PMDD, & Fertilizer

Chris Simmons wrote
>When mixing the ingrediants for PMDD should they be mixed in distilled water
>or tap water?  Does it really matter?

I use distilled water in the hope that the chelated elements remain
chelated longer. It would likely depend on whether you have 500 ppm
as Ca or 10 in the tapwater, as well as the length of time you expect
to store the mix. With distilled water there are no surprises.

Sparrow wrote
>Browsing idly through a garden/hardware shop I came across a fertlizer called
>"sequestrene", the breakdown is as follows......
>Magnesium (MgO)		10%
>Iron (Fe)		Chelated EDOHA 2.0%
>Iron (Fe)		Chelated DTPA	1.2%
>Iron (Fe)		ChelatedEDHA	0.8%
>Manganese (Mn)			3.2%
>As I am not ready to start sourcing the ingredients for PMDD, I was wondering f
>this stuff would help in the interim, and if so in what quantities (it is a
>water soluble powder) and how often?
>Any help or guidance is as always much appreciated.

Interesting. This is first time to my knowledge that someone on the list
has encountered a consumer product containing EDDHA(ethylene-diamine
dihydroxyphenyl acetic acid). It is supposed to be a very good iron
chelate for use in water of higher alkalinity. It looks like a great
fertilizer to try.

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca