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Paludarium/Vivariums Info Req'd

I am an aquarist in australia. I specialise in aust + PNG natives plants
& fish. To date I have mainly housed archerfish, barramundi (juvenile)
rainbowfish & blue eyes, galaxids and gudgeons. As for plants, australia
is somewhat lacking, with the exception of marsillea (nardoo,
historically it is good bushtucker. Aboriginals use it as flour)
aponegetons, java moss, sag's et cetera.

Anyway, to the quick, I am also a keen native orchid grower and wish to
look into this issue at greater length. In light of this I'm after
relatively technical resources and ideas relating to construction
techniques, lighting, ambient humidity, ventilation.Preferrably
reference sights/links on www or relevant publications anyone may have
stumbled upon.Or just simply persons thoughts on the subject.

Thanking all in advance, any info would be greatly appreciated.

(droid at neural_com.au)