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Thanks&Qs re:Aragonite/applying Monokote

	First, thanks to all ho responded to my questions regarding KHCO3
and CaCl2, and thanks also for the enlightening discussion on plant
nutrient transport that ensued.  

	Now I have two new questions:  What can people tell me about
Aragonite?  I'm curious about its chemical composition, its buffering
capacity, and its possible use(s) and bendfits in a planted aquarium.
This is more intellectual curiousity than anything else, since I ass-
ume its possible benefits do not add up to its cost.
	I would also like to get some tips on applying Monokote. When
applying it to a flat surface, should the piece of Monokote be slightly
larger than the surface to which it's being attached?  I assume I need to
allow for shrinkage, but how much?  What setting should i set my iron on?
A lower one, I would think...
	Oh yes, still hoping to track down some Sylvania manufactured
6500K T-8s, most importantly in 36".