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3 foot fluorescent fixture

     I'm a beginner at this aquatic plant thing and have just started
subscribing to this list, so I hope I'm not asking redundant questions.  I
have only four, so here goes:
1)I know that 48" 2-tube fluorescent shop light fixtures are made and sold
cheaply, but does anyone know if 36" 2-tube fixtures are sold anywhere?
Unfortunately I'm not much of an electrician and need to increase my 40-gal
tank (LXWXH  36"X15"X15") by two more 30 watt tubes (if the answer to the
next question is yes).  Does anyone have any suggestions for increasing
light intensity (e.g.other manufactured hoods)?

2)Currently, the tank has two 30-watt 36" bulbs, one Vita-Lite and another
brand called "Radionic."  Does anyone have any specs on this bulb?  And will
my plants grow well only under these two bulbs (I guess what I'm asking is,
do these two tubes provide enough intensity and desireable spectrum, or
should I move up to a total of 4 tubes at 30 watts each?).

3)Earlier someone mentioned that using nitric acid wasn't a great idea.
Right now I'm using Aquarium Pharmaceuticals' pH down which contains
sulfuric acid.  Will the sulfate cause any plant problems?  And besides CO2
injection, what other chemical methods are great for lowering pH in a plant

     Any advice would be appreciated.

Larry Biando in Berzerkeley, California

Go Bears!!