DIY C02 Nutrients

Recently there was a dicsussion concerning sugar/yeast fermentation
generation of C02 and the fact that sugar provides few additional nutrients
for yeast. When I first started using DIY C02, I used the rinse water from
cleaning my honey extractor (I'm a hobbyist beekeeper too). The
fermentation was always vigorous and long lasting using the honey rinse
water. When using sugar and water, I've noticed that the fermentaion was
slower and did not last as long.

When a recent sugar and water batch started to give out, I added one
teaspoon of whole wheat flour to the depleted mix. This perked up the C02
output immediately about ten fold. I expected this and attributed to the
fact that the flour particulates provided bubble nucleating sites for the
C02 already in solution. However 24 hours later the output of the generator
is still going great, and I believe this is due to the nutrients in the
flour allowing better yeast growth.

I'd be interested to see others try this and report the results.


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