Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #547

> From: Rodney Dorville/EC/SP_SF <RDORVILL at sp_ac.sg>
> Date: 27 Feb 97 12:53:48 WAT
> Subject: RE: Soil/substrate
> I was talking to a couple of Civil engineers at a worksite near my home which 
> is littered with red-coloured earth.
> I enquired whether the soil was pure laterite - the answer was that they 
> couldn't be sure until they did a full soil analysis.  I asked further whether 
> it was possible to determine whether a soil was laterite by the looks - they 
> said "No".  Their reasoning is that there are a number of soils which have a 
> red-coloured base.  The alternative method was to look at a geological survey 
> map which would show the composition of soils in particular areas.
> Is this true or are they just spoofing me?

It is true.  Another easy way is to contact your local county
agricultural extension agent.  They can tell you generalities about your
soil, and you're already paying their salary.  They can also tell you
things like the dates of first and last frost, but you probably don't care
for your indoor aquaria.

Would you rather I be pointed, or blunt?  -- Edziu