Location of the FAQ - Change to Intro document required!!

> From: sealaw at nela_org (Macon Cowles)
> Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997 10:13:08 -0700
> Subject: Location of FAQ
> I am a new subscriber and I would like to read the FAX before participating
> in the conference.  However, when I followed major domo's instructions
> about where the FAQ reside
> (http://www.cco.caltech.edu/~aquaria/FAQ/plants.html), I get the message on
> netscape that that location is not available on this server, or the link is
> outmoded.

This has always been incorrect in the document sent to everyone when they
subscribe here.  Several have pointed out that the actual location is


(emphasis on singular "plant".. the Faq/FAQ business doesn't matter, they
go to the same place).  Could Cynthia or someone else please fix the intro
document to reflect this? 

     - Erik ("Mr. FAQ")

Erik Olson				
eriko at wrq_com