Vermiculite/soil substrates

     I completely agree with Dionigi--the inconvenience and cloudiness 
     associated with soil/vermiculite substrates has been exaggerated.  I 
     also experienced a bigger debris cloud with a sand only substrate, 
     versus my soil/vermiculite substrate.  I recently had to uproot a HUGE 
     radicans sword (30"+), and the ensuing "mess" was insignificant.  Most 
     of the roots on this plant were 8-10" long, and some were longer.
     I do not understand why laterite (a fine clay soil) is considered to 
     be "neater" than loam (a clay/silt/sand soil).  If you were to mix 
     equal amounts into the water column, guess which one will settle out 
     faster.  Waterlogged vermiculite isn't even worth mentioning as a