Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #546

> do plecos eat plants?  I think that mine have discovered the tender leaves of
> my plants.  I have two Amazon swords and two plecos about 3" and 4".  It
> seems that they have eaten the outer layer of the leaves and left the leaves
> transparent-ish. 
> ...
>  Also, these
> plecos are really pretty.  Is there any way I can prevent them from eating
> the plants?  I fed them algae wafers, but my zebra danios pick up on that.  I
> give zuchini slices (boiled until they sink) as well (zebras don't touch
> that) but they go right back to the plants too.

In my experience, what plecos are after is wood, not plants. If you hawe
peace of wood in tank, they will not touch plants, or at least do mutch
less damage.