"Rocket Science" in Digest #543

I sent the following a couple of days ago, but it seems to have got lost. 
Apologies if it appears twice because the earlier posting eventually 

I really got a kick out of Digest #543 -

I got lost somewhere in Steve Pushak's comments on Paul Krombholz' 
comments on Craig Bingman's comments on Paul Krombholz' original comment 
re bubbles and boundary layers (had no problem with Paul's original 
comment but lost it somewhere as the thread got more detailed);

I got lost somewhere in Paul Sears' comments on Paul Krombholz' comments 
on CO2 diffusion (but not as badly);

I got lost in Dave's (eworobe at cc_UManitoba.CA) comments on  Ca/Mg/K and 
plant transport of nutrients.

This is not a "Tone the conversation down" request - this a a "Tone the 
audience up" request.

What is a good, beginner's level textbook on aquatic plant biology that 
will get me over the unfamiliarity hump in this area so that I can start 
to really appreciate what is being said? I suspect that there may not be 
one, and that what I need is a basic plant biology text and maybe some 
other source for the aquatic plant info. Anyway can someone please 
provide me with a basic reading list. I would really like to get a better 
understanding in this area.

I pick up a little info with each posting like the ones listed above, and 
some things are slowly coming together, but I'd really like to speed up 
the process.

In the meantime, keep the rocket science coming and I'll continue to 
enjoy my struggle.

David Aiken

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