How do you root these Plants

I just purchased some Aquatic plants.

2 bunches of Anacharis
1 Sword
1 Money wort
1 Cabomba 

The problem is that the plants came with rubber bands on the bottom
and a lead wrap-around weight. Should I remove these? Should I bury
the bottom of the plants in the tank gravel? I did this with the
banana plants and they grow excellent. 

Also the Anacharis is starting to weaken and bend and is becoming
transparent in some spots. I added Tetra flora pride once 2 weeks ago
when I set the tank up and 3 days ago during the water change (20%). 

The tank is not cycled yet... Does this matter with Plants?
Also this is a 38 gallon tank with only 30 watts of light. I ordered a
new lamp hood with two 30 watt bulbs but that is 2 weeks away.

Paul Casale