Karen: 6500K T-8s -where?

	Karen, you mentioned a while back that you had gotten ahold of
some 6500K T-8s, didn't you?  They were a Sylvania lamp?  Where did you
get them?  I've called around my area (lighting distributors and
hydroponic shops) and noone hs heard of T-8s over 5000K being available,
save for a german lamp (Lumichrome?) which does not come in the 3' I'm
looking for, only 2 and 4'.  They are also 16-18 bucks a pop.
	BTW, i have also noticed what I believe to be a deepening of the
red on my red plants when I've used an actinic lamp over them.  I wonder
why this would increase anthcyanin production, if the reddening is indded
occuring and the anthcyanins are the only cause for the redness?