Re:Post erythromycin cloudiness

I use the erythromycin treatment occasionally (every 4-5 months) when 
I have the cyanobacteria outbreak in the tank that I can't control with 
regular cleaning and H2O changes.  I've never encountered the cloudiness and 
I've used the recommended dosages and have also tried it with half the dosage 
and no difference in H2O quality.

Do you remove the carbon from the filter?  I do this for 4-5 days to let the 
medicine circulate.

But I also do a good cleaning of the tank and remove most of the cyanobacteria 
from the plants before I medicate.  Maybe the breakdown of the bacteria is 
causing the cloudiness?  Please post if you find out what caused it...

I also noticed that most of my malaysian trumpets snails died when I 
treated the tank.. If you have snails, have you ever noticed this?