Reasons to let algae grow?

Due to a gill fluke problem I recently medicated an entire 125g show tank 
which killed the nitrifying bacteria.  I will repeat the 6 day treatment in 
a few days to ensure all the flukes are gone by breaking their lifecycle. 
The pH is 6.8 but I had trace ammonia (not ammonium) using an Aquarium 
Pharmaceutical's Master test kit after 4 days.  I started doing 50% water 
changes every 2 days (before the next scheduled dose of medicine) to 
prevent an ammonia burn.

Normally, I remove algae but decided to leave it to soak up nutrients 
instead. The medication (Paragon) said to not add any other chemicals to 
the water so PMDD was not added (just got all the ingredients).  I wonder 
what folks on the list have to say about not removing algae in this 
situation.  Is my reasoning that algae (which IS a plant) will help remove 
ammonia and other nitrogen by-products valid?  If this is so, then there 
are situations where algae removing efforts should be temporarily stopped.

Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil
In early Springtime Atlanta - my outside garden is starting to bloom like