Who was selling pre-mixed PMDD ingredients?

Pardon me.  I HAD saved a message from a month or two ago, but working
with three different mail programs, I managed to lose it.  The specific
message listed an e-mail address of someone who had purchased PMDD
ingredients in bulk, mixed them, and was selling them to other people via
mail/e-mail.  If anyone has this name/address, please re-post or e-mail it
to me.  My stock of other fertilizer is gone, and I'd like to make the
jump to PMDD, without the hassle of chasing down ingredients when someone
else has already made the effort and now has buckets taking up space.

My plants, fish, and I thank you.  My algae will, however, hold a grudge.

Would you rather I be pointed, or blunt?  -- Edziu