Name that deficiency!

Name that deficiency!

Symptoms: Stunted sword plants with small new leaves and slowly dying, algae
encrusted older leaves.  Rest of plants, (Vals, Aponogentons, and Hygros) are
growing slowly but no algae.  Algae elsewhere in the tank is manageable.

Situation: 20 gal. Tank with UGF, gravel substrate
Very low (1 betta and 1 cory) fish population.
Lighting is 2 x 15W full spectrum with fairly bright indirect sunlight.
Yeast bottle CO2
pH 6.6-7.0
NO3  1-5 ppm

25% weekly water changes (RO) with the following additives:
element  ppm
NO3 	 10 
K	       4.5 
Fe	       0.20 
B	       0.0005 
Cu	       0.001 
Mn	       0.001
Mo	       1.8E-05 
Zn	       0.001 

What are the deficient element(s) in this set up?  How can I improve my
sickly swords without an algal bloom?  Amaze me with your insightful reply :)

Patrick Mullen