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> From: FONG TUCK CHOY <fong20 at pc_jaring.my>
>  Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997 12:59:20 +0800
>  Subject: Truth about maintenance
>  The first thing my visitors ask about the tank after being astounded by
>  magnificence, is "Do you need to do a lot of maintenance?" How shall I
>  answer this question? I actually need to do the usual water change, algae
>  scraping, plant trimming and water chemistry checking etc. To me, these
>  enjoyable things to do. To the uninitiated, these will just be more
>  What are the comments of our APD people?

I now have 5 tanks.  I get this question just about every time someone
comes to my apt.  I feel the same way about doing maintenance. To me
it's fun, enjoyable, and very relaxing.  The only thing I get fustrated w/
are the 2 planted tanks that have .  For some reason they just don't seem
to grow as good as they {I want} should.  But, I do like a good challenge.