New Tank & CO2 w/ plants and algae

Hi All

   I just setup a new 90gal tank, 48" long, I have a large Eheim filter on it
and just bought a CO2 setup, but would like to know if I should do, or change 
anything before I turn it on. I am fairly new to this type of tank setup, 
Years ago, I used to keep several African Chiclids, but never had much for 
plants, they always ate or dug them up..

   I have four fluorescent 48" tubes, 2 Life Glow, 1 Vita Lite Power Twist 
and one Floro Glow plant tube. These lights are on 10 hours a day, on at 
10:30am off at 12:30pm, on again at 2:30pm, (I did this to help cut the algae),
and off again at 10:30pm

   I also have a slight black algae, (Red, Beard ?), problem, along with
a bigger green algae problem, growing on some of the plants, getting worse,
and I cannot seem to get it under control. 

Most plants are doing quite well, L.Sessifloria have grown about 8-10" already,
several of the Aponogeton have shot up leaves on long shoots to the surface, 
and also a few have flowered. H. Difformis also doin quite well.

Here is what I did so far:
02/02/97: Tank filled and started
02/04/97: Swapped a large portion of Filter media from a running tank.
          Over the next 5 days adjusted the PH and added Peat to the filter
02/07/97  Added about 100 various plants  
02/12/97  Added 6 Dwarf Brissle nose pleco (about 1" including tail)
          Added 2 Spotted Cats (about 1.5" including tail)
02/13/97 to 02/22/97 added Iron, Flourish and KM Fresh water micronutrients

Water as of today, 02/23/97

 PH        - 6.6                                    - Wardley Low Rage kit
 Iron      -  .40                                   - Sera
 Phosphate -  .40                                   - Sera
 KH        - 2 degrees                              - Aq. Pharm. Liquid test
 GH        - 8 degrees                              - Aq. Pharm. Liquid test
 Ammonia   - more than 0, quite a bit less than .25 - Aq. Pharm Dry Tabs
 Nitrites  - 0                                      - Aq. Pharm Dry Tabs
 Nitrates  - 0                                      - Aq. Pharm Dry Tabs

 I have noticed that the Sera test kit vials do not have the correct markings
for any of the 5/10/20 ml, I purchased a syringe to use with testing, all
the other kits actually show 5/10 ml when that amount is put it, but the
Sera kits are all the same, incorrect markings..

 Any help would be appreciated..