pottery clay

Hi Folks,

On the subject of red, iron rich pottery clays.  One reason that the pottery place is not 
interested in shipping this product is because it is very expensive to ship a block of clay.  Most 
ceramic supply places will only ship clay in orders of 500#.  The best thing to do is to go to 
either a pottery studio (contacts the local arts group for the name of a potter nearest you) and an 
art or ceramic supply store.  I know in Austin Texas there is Armadillo Clay which has a number of 
excellant clays to choose from.  In two of my tanks I made a substrate out of pure kaolin (which is 
white porcelian clay) and i added red iron oxide (to about 20%).  This worked fairly well...and my 
longest running tank has this substrate with beuatiful white roots growing throughout the clay.

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