Electronic ballast "Kits"

APOLOGIES to the List!  I was not thinking clearly when I said Pet Warehouse
carried the above Ballast Kits.  I had been reading several Catalogs, and
simply goofed up.  Wrong Supplier. 

The Coralife Electronic Ballast comes with everything assembled and wired,
with rubber end caps for T-12 bulbs. You can also get "Dual Light Strips",
which are the same thing mounted in a fixture with reflector. The strips are
available in 24", 36" and 48" sizes.

The Ballast Kits list at $89.99, but are for sale at $49.86.  The Strip
Lights list from $169.95 up, but are priced at $95.98, 3 or more $79.98 each,
(24") up to List at $179.99, sell at $99.76, 3 or more $89.88 each. (48")

R.C. STEELE, 1-800-872-3773, prices guaranteed through June 7, 1997
(NOT Pet Warehouse, I just checked my new catalog.  :-( )

Again, sorry folks.  I just lame-brained on the keyboard.