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<< From: "Justin P. Healy" <jphealy at sysconn_com>
 Date: Wed, 19 Feb 1997 08:11:52 -0500
 Subject: Reflectivity of white paint vs. mylar
 A recent post said that white paint is nearly as reflective as mylar. I
 sell a variety of radiant barrier materials for a living. The plain fact is
 that the absolute BEST reflector is a mirror finish. Mylar will be
 significantly better as a reflector than white paint.
 Justin in Savannah where Spring is springing.
For the sake of clarity let me point out I was comparing mirror GLASS with
white paint.  Silvered glass reflects only 88 - 93 of incident light
according to my trusty, if outdated, copy of the CRC Handbook.  Certain white
paints reflect 85 - 98 percent of incident light.   Do you have reflection
coifficients for your mylars? 

Pete Mohan