Re: substrate Qs (green water)

Steve Pushak <spush at saudan_HAC.COM> wrote:

>Some one else asked what to do with a green unicellular algae bloom.
>You have a few choices:
>1) grow a floating cover such as Ceratopteris or Salvinia.[SNIP]
>2) use a diatom/micron filter to remove the algae.[SNIP]

>3) remove ALL fishies and put in daphnia.[SNIP]
>You should also practice very frequent and large water changes and
>decrease the length of lighting time (not intensity).

I've had two attacks of green water. In both cases, only a 90% water change
got rid of it. Reduced lighting and partial water changes did not work. I
started using PMDD at the time of the second attack, and so far, with PMDD
and weekly 33% water changes, the greenies are gone. Also, since PMDD, my
plant growth is teriffic, and I've got very little algae on the glass,
plants and rocks.


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