Momocote for light hoods (fwd)

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Subject: Monocote  for light hoods
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 97 09:36:00 PST

There have been a few postings(including one of mine) suggesting the use of 
Monocote as a reflective material for light hoods.  Having used this stuff 
for years in my other hobby of model airplanes I thought I would elaborate a 
little its use. Monocote is designed as a covering for model airplanes and 
comes in many colors including a metallic chrome which I think should make a 
good reflective material.  It comes in 26" x 72" rolls and costs about $12. 
 You should be able to find it in any hobby shop featuring radio controlled 
model airplanes.  You could also mail order it from a place such as 

It has a heat activated adhesive on one side so you apply the material with 
an iron.  They sell special irons for applying these coverings but an 
ordinary iron will work.  I like to cover the iron with an old T-shirt to 
protect the finish of the Monocote and prevent anything from getting on the 
iron.  Once in place you can apply more heat with the iron or a heat gun to 
shrink it tight.  Note - complete instructions for apply this stuff comes 
with each roll.

These coverings are designed to protect the wood structure of our models 
from the exhaust residue of our engines and repeated cleaning of the residue 
with strong spray cleaners.   For this reason I think lining the inside of a 
wooden hood with this type covering would give it excellent protection from 

Note - Monocote is the brand name for one manufacture of these type 
coverings.  There are several other brands that should work just as well.