New Jersey Water Lilies

.Bossman asked about the water lilies in his shallow New Jersey lake.  
2" yellow flower is one of the many North American sub-species of Nuphar
lutea, aka, Spatterdock.  The small white one is probably Nymphaea
odorata var. minor.  This is a sub-sp. of N odorata, which is a wide
spread sp in North America.  N. odorata minor is limited in range to
certain shallow pools in New Jersey.  It should be quite fragrant, pure
white, with leves that are green on top and dark red underneath.
Peduncles are deep reddish brown.  If it is not var. minor, then it is
most likely to be one of the other sub-sp. of N. odorata.  There are
several.  It is a great variety for small pools.  I tried to post 
this in a more timely manner, but my computer and I had a 
disagreement about it.  David Curtright, FFF.