Submerged light bulbs

> From: JOlson8590 at aol_com
> Jan mentions seeing incandescent bulbs partly submerged. That brought back
> memories! :-)  An old friend of mine ran a "fish store" out of his basement
> way back when I was an Undergraduate. He heated and lit all of his tanks with
> ordinary 40 to 100 watt frosted incandescent bulbs.  I remember he had an A.
> fenestralis blooming under the bulb, also a C. griffithii blooming. He was a
> Botany Prof.  The bulbs literally last forever, because they never get hot.
> No, he was never shocked, but he was a careful man!  Anyway, it DOES work,
> and quite well, too! 

Another advantage is that you don't lose light intensity due to 
distance and  reflection from the air/water boundary. 

As for heating, you may large temp swings if you turn the lights off 
during the night. 

Again, I do not recommend anyone to do this. Although personally I 
would not have a problem with doing it myself.