Electronic Ballasts, Endcaps

I think Pet Warehouse is now selling an Electronic Ballast WITH the already
wired rubber end caps for less than $50.00 US. The ballasts alone at
Graingers, etc., are about $43.00 or more, the end caps about $10.00 per
pair. If they are "standard" Electronic Ballasts - and they probably are -
that is cheaper than you can wire your own.  If you have not tried Electronic
Ballasts, TRY THEM. More light, bulbs last longer, less electricity. 

(The higher efficiency is the reason they run cooler - less electricity
turned into heat instead of converted to light.  Of course, that is ignoring
the Laws of Physics, which basically says all of the light is eventually also
converted into heat.  _Eventually_. Yes, I AM being mischevious.  8*D)  And,
Electronic Ballasts do NOT have to cost several hundred dollars. Remember the
cost of PMDD as compared to identical stuff nicely packaged for you. Isn't
that one of the reasons to subscribe to this List?  

Question: Where can you get the SOCKETS for the larger Biax type Compact
Fluorescents?  Graingers sells the bulbs, also ballasts that should work, but
I did not find the sockets in the new catalog.  Perhaps I am just not
perusing the pages carefully enough. Can anyone help?