Possible source for reflective Mylar

As I recall, hobby shops who cater to Radio Control Airplane folks carry some
mylar (and also some heat shrink stuff) with press on glue, in bright shiny
aluminum. Big sheets of the stuff, if it is still available. It is worth a

Some folks get so paranoid about water splashing on fluorescent bulbs that
they insist on suspending ALL BULBS 3 inches _above the cover glass._ They
are certain they will be electrocuted. This is quite annoying when the bulbs
are firmly inserted in rubber "damp proof" end caps.  I have had the whole
dratted bulb, equipped with the rubber end caps, drop into SALT WATER and
stay there for several hours until I discovered it, and I did not get
shocked. I also checked the tank and the wet bulb with electronic test
equipment, and there was ZERO voltage and ZERO current. One person claimed it
was shocking them, so I took off my shoes, and dipped my hand in the water
and asked why I was still standing there, very much alive and unharmed.  They
insisted THEY got shocked anyway!! (I will not ruin your day telling you
their notions of how to raise or not raise aquatic plants!!! :-( )

To quote Will Rodgers, "The trouble with most folks ain't that they are
ignorant - it is just that they know so danged much that ain't so."