Re: T-8 lighting constr., part II

>From: MMacG1167 at aol_com
>Subject: T-8 lighting constr., part II

>Thanks to everyone who responded to my first post about constructing a T-8
>ligting system. I just came back from Home Depot where I did some checking
>and asked some questions. The guy there told me that it would be difficult to
>locate the 2 electronic ballasts I am going to use in a remote location
>(namely on the floor). He said I would definitely need additional lengths of
>wiring from what the ballast came with and he didn't really seem to know how
>I would even go about setting that up. He also said electronic ballasts don't

Mail-order places like Pet Warehouse (800-443-1160) sell pre-wired
waterproof endcaps with 6 to 10-foot wire leads already attached.  There are
various makers: Coralife, Burleson, Triton, etc.  I personally used the
Coralife set.  They are around $19 a pair.