reflective film for windows

Though I haven't used it for an aquarium 
reflector, reflective films for windows 
are widely available at many hardware 
stores and "Do it yourself" building 
stores (Home Depot and the like). There 
are various grades which differ it the 
degree of reflectivity. They come on a 
plastic backing which is removed when 
applied to a window. Fastening the film 
plus backing above fluorescent lights 
should work fine for an aquarium 
reflector, unless it gets too hot.

In making a 6 x 40 watt light hood for my 
75 gallon tank, I used a piece of sheet 
aluminum purchased from a local hardware. 
The stuff cuts with tin-snips, is easily 
bent into the proper shape, and easily 
punctured to provide screw holes to a 
structural frame. Its only disadvantage is 
its expense, but it works well.

Rick Denney
Dickinson, TX

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