Splashing flourescents & mylar

>From: "Williams, Rochelle:

>I'm curious about peoples experiences with bare bulbs and splashing fish.
> If memory serves, a poster many months ago mentioned having VHO bulbs and
>how if water splashed on them they would break.

Water splashes on my flourescent tubes all the time with no ill effects. My
spray bar once got accidentaly turned up (probably the cat's fault) and I
came home to find water trickling from under the hood. Water had been
spraying up on the lights -- no effect and they soon dried off once I fixed

>Also, a recent thread mentioned using mylar as a reflective lining but I
>never saw a suggested place to purchase it.  Does anyone have suggestions
>where to purchase this other than buying a lot of mylar balloons and
>popping them?

I tried to find mylar here in Vancouver when I wanted to line a hood. It
turned out to be a fruitless search. I used a good white enamel paint
instead. Since then I have had another thought about a possible place to
get mylar. Try looking in the yellow pages for window "coatings". There is
a kind of mylar that is put on windows to cut sun glare. It is like a
mirror you can see through. It reflects light very well. It comes in sheets
and one can peel it off the glass. (I know this because I have peeled my
office windows.) Once off it looks like mirror. Companies that install this
stuff may sell you some but I have heard that it is expensive. I think it
may be called "Solar Glare"?? or "Solar" something.

in Vancouver