Re:Sugar source in DIY CO2 reactors


I hadn't thought of setting up a malt- or corn sugar-based
CO2 system for my plants, but I HAVE been flirting with the
notion of hooking the relief valve of my homebrew bucket
to the plant tank!  Haven't done it yet as it sounds "so
easy that there must be something wrong with it." 

Now I think I'll give it a try (and will report back on
what happens!) 

PJ (jellison at ceps_nasm.edu)

******excerpt of David Robinson's message below*****

>Being one who dawdles around with brewing from time to time,
>I was wondering why people use just plain sugar in their
>DIY (yeast) CO2 generators.  A homebrewer often adds some
>sort of nutrient to the liquid if regular sugar is used.
>...[snip]...Couldn't we use info from the homebrewing community 
>to make this contraption more efficient so that it doesn't have 
>to be changed as often?