Change in PMDD formulation

Hi all,

I recently made my PMDD mix. I could find every components except the
same trace element mix. What I got have 0.5% B, 2.5% Cu, 5% Fe, 2.5% Mn,
0.5% Mo, 0.5% Zn, 5% MgO (Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn chelatted by EDTA).

I read an old post talking about trace element mix having Mg and less Fe
so I decided to mix this recipe.

Trace element mix: 10 g
K2SO4: As stated in the PMDD
KNO3: As stated in the PMDD (not yet, I am lowering the nitrate level in
my tank).
MgSO4: Nothing (the trace element mix have Mg).
Destiled water: 300 ml.
9M HCl: Nothing (keeping in refrigerator).

Is this correct? Should I change any amount?

Any advice would be wellcome.


	Carlos Gallego

Carlos Gallego
E-mail: carlosag at mx2_redestb.es