Re: mylar film

Rochelle Williams (williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil) wrote:

>Also, a recent thread mentioned using mylar as a reflective lining but I 
>never saw a suggested place to purchase it.  Does anyone have suggestions 
>where to purchase this other than buying a lot of mylar balloons and 
>popping them?  :-)
Rochelle, that was my comment. I saw the film mentioned in a hydroponics 
magazine and ordered it from a local hydroponics shop here in Australia. 
They had 2 forms of reflective plastic - one with around 80% reflectance 
and the mylar with 95% reflectance. It comes in rolls - I forget the 
width - and I bought about 2 metres which cost me around $8 - $10 
Australian from memory. That would equate to around $6.50 - $8.00 US 
based on current exchange rates and it may well be cheaper for you since 
if it didn't come from the US you probably import a lot more. Try your 
local hydroponics shops or look in the mail order adds in US hydroponics 

It's quite flexible and easy to cut with household scissors. I cut it to 
size and stuck it inside my 2 light fittings using double sided sticky 
tape. It hasn't come unstuck so I think it really couldn't be easier to 

David Aiken