Florescent Blubs and Splashing

I'm curious about peoples experiences with bare bulbs and splashing fish. 
 If memory serves, a poster many months ago mentioned having VHO bulbs and 
how if water splashed on them they would break.  I have a canopy on order 
and am working on the best configuration for bulbs.  I'd like to eliminate 
the glass cover currently holding up the plastic bulb covers that came with 
the tank to maximize the light.  Its a 125g discus community tank and the 
discus do splash during feeding to make the flake food fall faster.  Then 
the few cory catfish in the tank splash when they get air at the surface. 
 I'd appreciate any comments on the subject.

Also, a recent thread mentioned using mylar as a reflective lining but I 
never saw a suggested place to purchase it.  Does anyone have suggestions 
where to purchase this other than buying a lot of mylar balloons and 
popping them?  :-)

Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil