Re[2]: Drilling Acrylic

     I think they are one and the same. There are a wide variety of grades 
     and features available for acrylics though.  I believe grade G (maybe 
     FF as well) acrylic is typically what you shoot for in aquarium 
     applications.  There are also abrasion and UV protective coatings that 
     can be applied.
     Nigel Campbell
     ncampbel at ccmail_dsccc.com
     >From: Alexander Komarov <akomakom at eden_rutgers.edu> Date: Sat, 15 Feb 
     >1997 01:48:49 -0800
     >Subject: Re: Drilling Acrylic
     >I've been reading the thread and was just wondering:
     >Is there a difference between acrylic and plexiglass?
     >I have a couple of DIY hoods on my tanks made of what I would call 
     >plexiglass, but if acrylic is something better I would switch.