New Plants!

>While I =
>was surprised at they're methods of packing, the plants, after being in =
>shipment for 3 days, were in superior condition. The plants were simply =
>lined up vertically, in a big clump, and carefully folded up in wet =
>newspaper. The newspaper was then just put into a big plastic bag, which =
>was ty-wrapped. 

I wouldn't be surprised that they came through fine.  That's a perfectly
acceptable way of shipping most aquatic plants.  There are only a few I can
think of that don't tolerate that method well.  R. macrandra comes to mind,
but I have yet to see a method of shipping that plant that _doesn't_ cause
at least a fair amount of damage.

>*** MY QUESTIONS: Any special tips? Anything to offer on these plants? =
>How about the Crypts? Tips? Suggestions? Thanx!

If your H. polysperma is happy, it won't make much of a foreground plant.
It will probably out grow almost everything else in the tank!<g>

As far as the Crypts are concerned, C. wendtii is one of the hardiest
speiceis.  As long as your over all conditions for plant growth are good,
they should, as Spock says, "Live long and prosper."<g>

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association