Re: Bubbles after water changes

John wrote:

> Hi,
> The same thing happnes in my tanks after a water change.  Does this 
> happen to everyone?  It seems like it does. In the latest issue of FAMA a 
> man said he has this happen to his tanks.  He tested his tap water and 
> claims it is high in CO2 and its the CO2 from the tap water that causes 
> this.  It was FAMA so I would take it with a grain of salt.  It would be 
> nice to know what exactly causes this to happen.    

> Are there others using PMDD that experience this?  If so any ideas on what 
> in PMDD would do this?  Is there ammonia in there?  Could ammonia do 
> something like that?  I think most of us probably have ammonia in our tap 
> water.  If it's possible maybe that would explain the bubbles from PMDD 
> and water changes.    

Speaking strictly as a novice, I think the reason may be different for
different people's tanks i.e. one person's water supply may be short in
calcium and the plants are using up all the available calcium between
water changes, and yet another person's tank might be short in nitrate
or whatever because the plants use up what's available in that
particular system between the water changes.

Now all 3 of my plant tanks have started bubbling like crazy between
water changes since I started adding PMDD a little over a week ago. I am
thinking now that there may be something in my PMDD mix that my water is
short in. It will take a lot more detective work to figure out just what
the PMDD is adding that my water supply and tanks were lacking before
between water changes.

At least this is my current theory.

Rebecca Marsh
In currently sunny Gold Bar, Washington where the tap water changes
almost as fast as the weather.