Re: Gill flukes

Somebody poste something regarding Gill flukes in a planted discus auqarium, I
did have that problem before and this what I did 

In order to clean for gill flukes I once tried the following and worked
1-Take your discus out and bath them for 3 minutes in Kmno3 (potasium
permanganate) 1ml stock solution per liter (stoc solution 10 grams in one liter
distiled water)
2-transfer them to hospital auqarium with 0.5ml stock solution per liter 24 hour
3-Add to the planted auqarium stocl solution 1mlX liter for 3 to 5 minutes
4-Change water 100%

be careful, Kmno3 will kill your biological filter so you you take the proper

depending on the plants Kmno3 will damage only the very delicate plant if

I do clean my plant befor entering the auqarium for 3 minutes 1mlXliter and
plant don't apear damaged

Kmno3 will oxidice very fast in the aquarium so after several minutes will
become inert

Any coments are welcome I tried this Once during a very severe gill fluke
infestations and very deseperate situation, I am no expert, no chemical nor
biologisist only an average hobist to try this at you own risk


Claudio Dioguardi