Re: Diseased Java Fern?

I, too, thought I had similar problems with my extremely well-off Java =
Fern. It was producing beautiful fronds (sp) rather quickly, constnatly =
growing and getting bigger. Then, the entire plant (8-10 fronds) began =
to instantly "melt" and become brown. However, upon inspection, each =
frond has 8 - 12 small plants which are now rapidly developing. I'm not =
going to attempt to mess with these "baby" plants, as their already =
reaching out to attach themselves to my driftwood logs....

 The tank is a 55g with 100w lighting. I use DIY yeast, co2 on an =
airstone, positioned under some large echindorous leaves, and substrate =
fertilizer, with a minute daily dosage of Kent Freshwater Plant =