Blue Light

Subject: Blue Light

> There has been some
>suggestion that actinic lamps will help maintain red coloration in aquatic
>plants....anybody tried this?

I've just started experimenting with some new 6500K T-8 bulbs (Sylvania)
mixed with my 5000K GE SPX50's.  I did it mostly because I liked the very
clean "sunny" look it gave the tank.  I have found though, that the R.
macrandra, which grows well in all my tanks is _much brighter red than in
the other tanks.  It's not just that it looks brighter because of the light
color.  If you take a piece out of each tank and hold it side by side, you
can see a big difference. (both look perfectly healthy, however)  I like
this combination enough that I've switched my other tanks over so they are
all about half and half each type.

I have _not_ seen any noticeable difference in red Crypts, although that
would take longer to show up in any case.  I have some Ammania in one of
the tanks that I just swqitched over, so I'll be keeping an eye on this to
see how it responds.  The copper in my tap water precludes my use of
Ludwigia sp., so I won't be able to report on them.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association