PMDD and K Source.

Sorry to intrude into this subject, but i was wondering if any of you 
have tried potassium silicate, which I have used extensivly, first in 
hydroponics and now in raising aquarium plant, although in different 

P.S. In the digest, <mark.fisher at tpwd_state.tx.us> writes about 
possible 'chemophobia' resulting from discussions of potassium 
nitrate and its 'explosive' (oxidising) properties.  To add my 
little bit, I can easily find this substance in crystal form under 
manure piles on the farm.  As well, the comment ' (other ingredients) 
... are necessary, along with an ignition source.  Table sugar can 
(also) be made to explode, also, as well as a myriad of other 
compounds.'  As a chemist, I feel that there is enough dangerous 
and / or explosive substances found in the ordinary home (and with 
that information available in the nearest public library) that 
bringing in something as relatively harmless as KNO3 is a very slight 
added risk.

Thanks for letting me rant on.

Lord Hugh <lordhugh at compusmart_ab.ca>