Re:Sugar source in DIY CO2 reactor

>Subject: Sugar source in DIY CO2 reactor
...........<snipped>.................  Some homebrewers
>will go as far as to say that you will kill the yeast if you
>just put them in plain (cane) sugar water.  Now, most of you
>know this isn't true because its been used by aqua plant
>fanatics for some time.  But the question still remains...
>isn't there a better way?  Couldn't we use info from the
>homebrewing community to make this contraption more
>efficient so that it doesn't have to be changed as often?
.............<rest snipped>............................

Our Intro to Biology students do a laboratory exercise on respiration using
bakers yeast, with various kinds of sugar.  They always get the results
that the yeast can utilize sucrose, fructose, and glucose, but not any of
the other kinds of sugar, such as lactose or galactose.  Since brewers
yeast is just a different variety of baker's yeast, I am pretty sure it has
the same capabilities with respect to sugar utilization.  The yeast seems
to be able to utilize all three sugars equally well as measured by the
amount of CO2 generated.   Sucrose is just a disaccaride composed of
glucose and fructose, and so, really, the yeast has the enzyme to break
down sucrose to its component monosaccharides, and it can utilize both of

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