Re: Enigma

From: "CORBEIL, SCOTT" <corbels at macmail_mcgawpark.baxter.com>
> Subject: Enigma
> I have a 150 gal. heavily planted tank, fertilized with CO2 and PMDD. 
> Nitrates are 5-6 ppm, Fe is 0.5 mg/ml, GH =3D 120-130 ppm, Ph is 6.4-6.6,
> phosphate level is below 0.1ppm.  The weird thing is every time I do a
> water change I suddenly see a burst of activity in my plants, i.e. the
> plants release oxygen bubbles like crazy.  This, to me, indicates a
> nutrient deficiency but I can't figure out what it could be.   Any
> idea's???
Are you doing water changes with RO or tap water?  Could it be that your
plants are using up the phosphate completely between changes?  I'm sorry
if you've already discounted this, I can't access the archives to see
the rest of your message right now.

Carlos E. Munoz		      cmunoz at crystal_cirrus.com