Re: co2 injection

Griff wrote:
That one piece of
airline tubing is run into the uplift tube of my Whisper 3 power
filter.  I
have it constucted this way so the CO2 bubbles will be "chopped up" and
dissolve into the water easier.  When I first test the water (before the
addition of CO2) the ph was 7.8 (the highest my test kit went up to) and
can get it to drop down to 7.2 with CO2.  My problem is how can i get my
to drop down into the 6.?? range?  

When I injected CO2 from a 2L bottle into the Aquaclear 200 on my
25gallon tank I acheived a pH of ~7.0. Inside my filter I have two
sponges, when I moved the airline tubing so that the bubbles were being
released into the space between the two sponges, the pH dropped to
between 6.6 and 6.8. I am not sure what the inside of a Whisper filter
looks like but you might want to try this method. Another bonus is that
this method is silent. I never liked the noise made by the impeller
chopping up the bubbles. Maybe I am just squeamish about constantly
hearing bubbles scream as they are chopped up.
Shawn Ferguson