Trace Elements Mix

Hello everyone,

        I am in the process of an all out war against algae in my tank. Not
too serious a problem but just want too improve. I basically was wondering
about two things:

        1) First of all, does anyone have any suggestions on how to fight
"spot algae"?? At first my tank had a sort of mixture of algae (I guess
green and spot) and after an algaecide only the spot remanined. This one is
quite complicated to scrub off....

        2) I was wondering if it was necessary (or beneficial) too include
all the other elements besides iron on the PMDD element mix. Would it make
much difference to have a solution with just iron?? I also hear some people
have "adjusted" the proportions of the other elements with good results... I
was wondering what the changes were?

                I would greatly appreciatte any help,