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<< Has anyone had experience using a medication called Paragon by Aquatronics

 in a planted tank.  Specifically, I'm interested in the medication's 
 affects on the plants.  I'm almost to the point of sacrificing a 125g 
 planted tank to get rid of gill flukes in my 8 discus.  I could harvest 
 some plants, treat the tank, then bleach and replant if necessary.
 Rochelle Williams
 williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil >>
     I have not used Paragon, but If you are willing to work with a vet you
may be able to get your hands on a worming drug called Droncit.  I'm not
positive it won't hurt plants, but I think it is unlikely.  Unlike
formaldehyde, pesticides, and copper, this stuff is meant to kill flukes and
tapeworms.  One recommended dose for fish is to use three 34 milligram
tablets per ten gallons of tank water.  Change the water after 3 days.  This
might be expensive, but the cost can be reduced by dropping the water level
dramatically during treatment.  Once the pills are pulverized the fine powder
is difficult to disolve, and tends to float.  You can place it in a filter
where it will disolve more quickly.  There should be no carbon on the system
during treatment, but it will help remove residuals afterwards.  This stuff
generally works quite well...but there is no drug that will guarantee a 100%
kill rate on parasites, although long term copper sometimes solves the
problem on marine fish.
     Check the cost before you try this...it may be prohibitive
Good fluke hunting,
Pete Mohan