Hygrophilia Diformis (maybe?) fighting algae

A have a 5 gal hospital tank which sits in front of a south facing window 
and when no new fish are in it, basically produces lots of tangle algae
which I harvest from time to time to place around some driftwood in my
community tank. It's easy to remove and doesn't get "out of hand" and seems
to fight other forms of algae.  

Recently, a very small Hygrophilia Diformis has spontaniously (I'm sure it
hitch-hicked but I like to think of it as the emaculate propigation)
appeared (about 1/4 inch tall so I could be wrong about which plant it
really is) in the small tank. The funny thing is, normally, this tank has a
layer of algae on the bottom almost like a lawn but a small clearing has
formed as if to allow this plant to grow (about 2 inchs around). The algae
is taller than the plant so it's not shading the area at all. Also, none of
this algae has tangled around it. I was wondering if this (or whatever type
it might be) has some built in algae fighting agent, or is it just able to
get the nutrients faster than algae in that area.  

Either way, I may have to go get a few more of these wonderplants. :)

Any opinions on whats going on??