Re: Baby Flying Foxes

I havenīt ever seen 1" long flying foxes, but LOTS of 1" SAEs and false

Fins: baby false s and SAEs have clear fins.  I'm nearly sure that baby
ff's have at least some dark areas in their fins.

Tail: many baby SAEs don't have black line to the fork of the tail, but
it seems to end and the beginning of tail fin (just like false s), but
if you look closely, you should see that there is some black in the tail
fin, near its base. Don't know about ff but I guess that there should
be some black in the tail too.

Back: SAE's reticulated pattern is not yet visible, so all these three
have solid back at this age.  SAE is palest of these, and there is no
clear light stripe over the black.  

Head: baby SAE looks big-eyed and the nose is very sharp.  Baby false s
has blunter head and smaller eyes.  Adult ff's first pair of barbels is
black, so I guess that babies barbels should look dark.  Other two have
light barbels.

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